Monday, November 24, 2008

Am I wrong..Is it soooo wrong?!?

I am wrong to do this?
I taught my boys how to play poker this weekend...the 12 year old played a bit before...but my 7 year old fell into the game~ it was between my brother, myself and our 2 Dad joined in part way through the afternoon...and yes we did play for money..."go big or go home" I told the boys. well they couldn't go home I drove, so they played. What a great fun time we had...maybe a little out of the norm for a mommy to do with her kiddies, but the boys had a really fun time. My oldest was out in about 20 minutes, but my little guy hung in pretty good. Maybe 3/4 of the way through he lost out...It was then me against the men in the family...I came in 4th. Our dad won, it was his birthday so maybe it was a pity win...maybe he was just good...I say he was good. We are having a family tournament for Christmas, so I bought cards and chips so the boys and I can practice at home...I am going to win this time!

The 3 kids went to their swimming lessons today and I have never seen such happiness on Yelling Girls face..she was smiles and happy hops all over the place. My middle son and oldest are in the same class, neither can swim, so I thought it would be fun to put them in together. So far no one has killed the other, fingers crossed, knock on wood. You never know with boys. Middle son can swim under water now, but not at the surface!? Who does that? Weird 7 year olds I suppose. My oldest still kind of flaps around, he got his hair wet today, so that is a step forward.

I am still working on getting ready for the Christmas craft fair...time is running out, an I finally feel good enough to really start. Yes I have started, but not really. My oldest got sick 2 weeks ago and then when he got better I got sick, so I lost 2 weeks of getting clips and ponies made. Oh well I will bust a move and do it all in the next 2 weeks. I only have until December 6th though..wish me luck...Should I make clips for fur babies as well?
This is my other son...6 months old and his name is Owen...he is a Chihuahua crossed with a Toy cute is that face?

Thanks for reading...


Michelle said...

sounds like fun!

kim* said...

aw the dog is adobleable

Jen said...

Nothing is wrong with a little poker long as it's just fun, right!?! :-)