Monday, April 27, 2009


It has been months since my last blog and let me tell you what has happened...December our debit cards was copied and used...they got nearly $400.00 before I caught it, then it took the bank 2 weeks to refund it...January 7Th...2 days after husband left ( he is in the navy) I am sitting downstairs in the rec room ~all 3 kids are in bed...pour a glass of wine, 9pm comes and finally after weeks a new episode of the new 90210 is on...weeee I am so excited, the show starts and after 10 minutes the first commercial break. 10 MINUTES of sitting I put my foot down and step into 2 INCHES of water! It took 10 minutes for my entire lower level of the house to of course I grab towels, try while sobbing to stop the moving/flowing water in my house...where was it coming from? Outside with all the snow we had then the rain it all melted into MY house...I wake up Ben and had him try to help clean up the water but we realize it is no good, so in my panic I decide to pick up my BRAND NEW bedroom here we are a 12 year old boy barely weighing in at 95 pounds and me hysterical picking up solid wood GIANT furniture and placing the legs onto picnic plates. When I ran out of plates I wrapped the legs in tinfoil...
the next room to save was the rec room, luckily nothing in there was worth much we picked up toys, and lifted one couch to the other. The other rooms were the laundry and the second bathroom. So midnight comes and I let poor Ben go back to bed...I start calling plumbers, I had about 5 hang ups on me then finally I got someone to come out and help in the early morning. I guess I wasn't the only house being flooded that night. Insurance man came that morning to and clean up was finally done 2 weeks ago! January 7Th until the beginning of APRIL!!! I have a few restoration companies I will not recommend I will tell you that! So in between this house mess, our VISA got stolen, Ben was being bullied in school and I had to change his classroom, and help him out a bit, I had a rock hit the car windshield and put a hole through it, and my cat died! CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!
Poor Chase was nearly 15 years old and a great great cat. It all happened so fast, in about 2 weeks he lost 10 pounds and got really sleepy all the time. On his last day he was sick all morning so I emergency visited the vet, he spent the morning there and they called to say his kidneys were shutting husband and I talked about it and decided to leave him with his dignity and let him pass in peace. It was very hard for me to tell someone to do that, but I knew he would be better off. I was with him while the vet treated him and I brought him home. We placed him in out yard under a sunny spot and plated a Rhododendron bush above him...I will sorely truly miss my Chase.

I really wish the next half of the year is better on me than this half was...I am hopeful, my business has been going well and I have a HUGE baby fair I bought a table at in September. I have some new ideas I am working on, and themes... I started an Eco friendly line that I will be listing fabrics and bamboo headbands and elastics.
I will blog more once my head has stopped spinning this is the first week that nothing HORRIFIC has happened to me, but it is only Monday...gulp...


April Horsman said...

HUGE HUGS TO YOU! What a time! I'm sorry to hear about your cat, they are so much like a child or family member.

The flooding water and money stealing... wow, that's a lot to deal with.

Hang in there!

LJ Ducharme said...

I'm not sure if you'll get this (you haven't blogged in a while), but I'd like to ask you about using Etsy. Would you please email me when its convenient for you. (I live in Victoria)
LJ Ducharme