Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So here it is FINALLY, no mistakes this time, they remembered to feature the poor little guy...Of course I bought all the copies the rec center had tonight. Tomorrow I will go into our little town and buy up the rest...

Swimming lessons finished up one got leveled up, but they all did really good considering they have NEVER been in lessons before. We celebrated with a Mc.D's dinner...barf...I will wash the taste out of my mouth later with a martini...

The craft fair was pretty disappointing, very few people came through, and even fewer bought. Thankfully I made enough to pay for the table and the babysitter and come home with a little cash as well. I sold about 50 sets of clips, not to here is where it gets exciting...someone who bought a couple sets also runs our islands biggest baby fair, she emailed me this morning and invited me to sell there next summers end! This time I will have 8 months to get ready, so there is no way I can goof off this time...if I do please remind me and kick my butt back into gear.

I have lots of left overs from this past craft fair so I will be listing as soon as we have a NON-rainy day here so I can take pictures.

Wishful thinking...we have been here since July and I swear it has rained nearly every day! Whatever! there is always the stove top, the light there is awesome.

So again thanks for reading, and feel free to comment, suggest, or leave a thoughtful thought...

Happy Wednesday!

***BTW! I figured out how to link my pictures...YAY ME!

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marian said...

Miss seeing you around the markets! Just now realized that you are on the other side! Happy New Year Shawna,
Marian (orangecrushed)